Which speakers for mcintosh mc352

I am the new guy here although I have been following your discussions and am blown away by the wealth of knowledge in these forums. I thought you people could enlighten me further.
I recently heard Oskar syrinx and loved the laid back smoothness and overall sound. I have a feeling they would not be able to handle the bass at higher volumes. I think the MC352 would kill them. I have heard many good things about the Gallo ref3.1, which I will hear on Saturday. Perhaps it is my ears, but I find the high frequencies harsh with most dome/cone tweats and prefer the ribbon/electrostatic sound.
(I understand that room accoustics play a huge role.)
Being unable to hear these speakers on a Mc352 I am not sure which way to go. I would like to stay in the 3-4k range.
Any info you guys have would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance. Nuguy
I agree with Jaybo, the MC-352 shouldn't "kill" any speaker, but perhaps it might not be necessary or fully utilized with some. I had one for a while and it did a wonderful job with my current demanding Legacy Focus 20/20s. It was very musical, deep, and satisfying. I think with that amp, your speaker choices are limited only by your own personal preferences.
The 352 is a great amp. But for my tastes, I still wouldn't match it to a soft speaker. A detailed, even analytical, speaker is what I like best with Mc amps. Having said that, there are MANY options and with your comment of disliking harsh frequencies, you may have even fewer limitations than I do.

Experimenting is the only way to get your right answer. Good luck!
I'll try to keep this short without leaving anything out. First things first... The MC352 deal fell through so needless to say I am starting from scratch. I am looking for a 2 channel system in which I will temporarily preamp with a harmon kardon avr 7200. It's not the best way to go but I'd rather buy a couple good pieces for now than a complete system of lesser quality. I need POWER AND SPEAKERS...
I have done a ton of reading and listened to a half dozen speakers ranging from K3 to K9 and it's really gotten me nowhere. For example, rave reviews on speakers that I found simply average, keeping in mind there is not a huge selection of high end speakers here in Calgary. Nothing has really blown me away.
I figure my best bet is going used, do some tweaking,give it a chance and I can always switch things out without losing a bunch of money.
I believe any good amp with a good speaker match will satisfy most people. It's the "match" part that get's tricky.
How about a krell 200s (Approx. 10 years old} and a set of Wilson Watt/puppy 5's. The total would be around 10K CDN.
Thanks for all your responses so far in this thread. It's nice to get knowledgable input from someone who's not trying to make a sale.
before you ditch the notion of mac, check out audioclassics.com for a wide variety of mac amps and others. several 352's
I recently got a pair of McIntosh LS360's and a MC352. The combo sounds amazing. So good, that I am now considering buying another MC352 to run each one mono.

As Jaybo suggested, I purchased all this from Mike Sastra at AudioClassics
He is a great guy to deal with and I could not be happier with my setup.