Which speakers have the biggest soundstage

Hi all, I'm using a Cary sli-80 integrated amp with 40w. I want to upgrade my speakers. All I'm looking for is a huge 3D dimension but nothing else. Which brand would you choose from? My price range is within $3500 used and at least 92 sensitivity
My soundlab m2's and dunlavy sc3's produced a large realistic soundstage for my listening room.
The new Magnepan 1.7s. They will play louder than you think with 40-50 watts of good power.
In my experience, most dipole speakers do an excellent job with soundstage. I've heard great examples with planar, electostatic and open baffle designs. This is a fundamental strength of most boxless designs. On the flip side these type of speakers (in general) have a harder time with bass and microdynamics. There is no perfect speaker. Pick your sound priority and find the speaker design that optimizes accordingly.
woow thx everyone for your suggestions. There're quite a lot of speakers I gotta try!!

Unfortunately I wouldn't add any room treatment nor replace any other equipments except my speakers.

How about the Zu Essence and Tyler acoustic D3 or acoustic zen adagio?