Which speakers work well with 2A3 Sun Audio or ?

Looking for speaker options for low powered 2A3 amps. Can anyone give me suggestions, especially from personal experience. Thanks in advance.
Any of the Silverline Audio Speakers are very efficient and will sound wonderful with this amp.
My headphone amp puts out 1/10 of 1 watt! Anyway, make sure you can audition the Soliloquy before buying. I've heard that some changes have been made since it's introduction and the speaker isn't as easy to drive anymore. You could also try Coincident Tech as they make SET friendly speakers.
Of the high-efficiency single-driver speakers I've heard, the Rethm is my favorite. It's also priced quite a bit lower than some of its competition. The thing that wins me over is it does't have the characteristic "Lowther shout" that most exhibit, due to an ingenious little paper shield-on-a-stick that goes between the main cone and the wizzer cone. Nope, I don't sell 'em... yet.