Which Speakers would you buy

Canton ref 5.2 DC or Audio Physic Avanti 3
Why would you want someone to choose your speakers for you anyway? Just curious.
Stevecham,no need to apologize,and Tpreaves, I'm just looking for opinions and experiences. I have bought all my equipment on Adiogon without ever hearing it based on others reviews/opinions because you can't always audition used equipment and it's worked out great! Currently I have Acoustic Zen Adagios driven by Nuforce ref9 v3se with a TRL modified Sony cd and in the past I had Silverline preludes (which are great speakers for there size),Musical Fidelity A5, and more all from reviews,professional or not.
I have heard The Avanti 3 a few times in different settings. My impression is that it sounds fast and immediate, particularly in bass. Musicians sounded like they had put in extra effort in playing. Drummers seemed like a 300 pounder and hitting with all his might. It could be exciting for rock, jazz, and big band. But at the end only you can tell if it is your cup of tea.

I have not heard the Canton.