Which SS integrated amp to choose?

Guys, will appreciate your recommendations for a good sounding second-hand SS integrated amp with output power 100-150 w (at 8 ohm), weight up to 30 kg, budget up to 4K, age starting around 2000. My list now includes Gryphon (Atilla, Callisto 2100/2200), PassLabs INT150, Luxman 507/509. Not on my list are Hegel, Accuphase, Parasound, Marantz. Looking for balanced, on a warmer side, detailed, open, full bodied sound at my SF Guarneri speakers (86 dB, 6 Ohm). Feel free just to name the option or suggest yours. Thanks!
Naim SuperNait 3....even has a phono stage :)
Had the ML 5805 here for an audition- not for me. 
The Naim will pair well with your SF speakers.
Yamaha AS3000 integrated fits most of your parameters. Wonderful sounding integrated amp and superb build quality.
I own a Pass INT 150 and love it. It drives everything easily and operates in class A the first few watts.
Have a look at Marantz PM10 which doesnt get much love and I can't understand  why.   Makes no sense, it's really good. For the prices you can buy used it is crazy good.  Been running it for two months and I am very impressed.  Love the class D, no heat, very detailed and smooth at the same time.  Great transparency and thunderous bass.  It is really good.