Which Stands for Magnepan LRS (and other models): Mye, Magnariser, Sound Anchor, etc

Just received my LRS, and I am smiling so far.  Having read many comments and forum discussions, I am working at getting the position and room right.  I am getting close, but expect a few more days of tweaking before I am there.

The theme of stands is constant in the forums for the LRS as well as the other Maggies.  I figure once the 60 day trial period runs out (probably sooner as I can’t imagine returning them), I will order stands as the next step.

My question is which stands?  First, price is not a concern, as all the stands I have seen are within a hundred bucks or so of each other.  The common candidates are:

Mye- probably the most mentioned.  Triangular base, strut to the top. Very different than others.
Magnariser- 3 models to choose from, each reporting different sonic qualities. All appear to rise the speakers up off of the floor, none have the top strut.
Sound Anchors- again, a bottom only stand.  I don’t see LRS specifically mentioned on their website, but I assume one is in the works, or another model fits.  I have not contacted them to confirm

So, does anyone have direct experience comparing the various stands with the LRS? (I suspect similar results with the MMG, .7 and 1.7, so comments on experiences with these their families are appreciated) Or does anyone have any technical/physics/engineering insights on the whole subject? 

and finally, with stands, does the room position set up change? Will I have to go through another round of finding the sweet spot? 

Where do you buy the LRS? I didn’t see a place on the website to order them.

Also, are the LRS supposed to be better than the older 0.7's? I get a chance to get a used pair 0.7 for about $700.
I ordered the end of May directly from Magnepan.  I emailed them using a contact link on the website, and they responded, gathering my contact and color/trim choices, then put me in the queue.
I have not heard the .7, so I cannot opine on them.  I have a smallish room, so the smaller LRS mad sense to me; I had determined that the 1.7 were too big/tall for my room.
I DIY’d my own, based on this design:


Quite simple, about $60, and work better than the much more expensive commercially available products.

And yes, they do improve the sound,
Also you can raise the LRS up about an inch off the floor using the supplied steel legs. Just get 4 washers and put them on the screws which hold the feet to the speaker then you can raise the speaker all the way in the slots on the feet. This puts them about an inch off the floor. Also I got some weatherstrip and put it on the bottoms of the steel legs so they don't scratch a hardwood floor. And with the bottoms of the speakers on the floor sooner or later you will wear out the fabric on the bottom of the speakers.