Which Streamer is a Major Upgrade over PS Audio Bridge II in a DSD DAC

I am a big fan of the PS Audio DSD DAC, which I will keep. I installed the Bridge II streamer card, easy-peasey and sounds good. Tell me what will be a clearly audible upgrade streamer vs the Bridge II and is easy to use. Don't need a new DAC. Thx. Neal


I own an Aurender N100 and W20SE. After an Aurlic Aries G2, and lots of PC, MAC and other streamer choices will not be straying from Aurender. It is what they do… and they do it incredibly well. Read a review of the W20SE. 

Don't know if you are running Roon or not, but can vouch for the Bricasti M5 Network Player which makes for an excellent Roon endpoint.

Maybe it would help if the OP, after apparently being quite satisfied with his current set up, is looking to change

Before getting a streamer I would consider auditioning an EtherRegen to feed the bridge 2. It really helped my system to sound better, and it will still be of value if you do get another streamer. PS is coming out with their own streamer with galvanic isolation at some point, which will feed the Dac via I2S.