Which Streamer is a Major Upgrade over PS Audio Bridge II in a DSD DAC

I am a big fan of the PS Audio DSD DAC, which I will keep. I installed the Bridge II streamer card, easy-peasey and sounds good. Tell me what will be a clearly audible upgrade streamer vs the Bridge II and is easy to use. Don't need a new DAC. Thx. Neal


I am pretty happy with the Bridge II after converting my LAN to fiber last year.  I used to own a full Sonore opticalRendu (plus a uD and oM DX) setup with their best LPSs as well.  But that was when I had a copper LAN.  With fiber and utilizing a bunch (6 or 7?) of linear PSUs, my system has never sounded better.

Just went thru a bit of a journey replacing my Bridge II. 
LOVE my DSD DAC BTW,  it’s going nowhere. 
First is budget. 
The cheapest solution I tried was an iFI ZEN Stream paired with a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2. This got me I2S into my DSD. AMAZING difference. All the noise from the Bridge II was gone. So quiet. And the Zen Stream is actually a very good Streamer. Definite improvement over Bridge. 
Now I am a big ROON fan, and I really wanted a streamer that could handle I2S directly, without a converter. 
I bought an A Capella III from Musica Pristina. All US made and Kevin is great to deal with. Also A Capella III is certified Roon Ready. 
BEST purchase I have made in years! I absolutely love this combination! The A Capella III direct I2S to the PSaudio Directstream DAC. Awesome!