Which sub $2k CD player would you recommend?

Rega Saturn
Cambridge 840c
NAD Master 05 SACD/CD
Bel Canto CD-1

All of these can be had either new or used for under $2k. I am looking for an "esoteric X-01 or X-03" kind of sound. meaning I want details, transparency and bass slam. Not a rounded out or smoothed sound that loses details. Thanks!

look at the MHZS CD 66E, MHZS CD 88E & Doge 6

Also see: http://www.high-endaudio.com/RC-Digital.html#2007
Spend $1000.00 on a good CD player and the other $1000.00 on a pair of "The Phoenix" interconnect cables, Better than Transparent Audio Reference cables or MIT'S( which are great cables)at 1/10th the cost. If you hook-up a $500.00 CD player with them, it sound like a 2K player or better. Jim C.
I didn't think the Ayre CX-7e, Bel Canto, or Audio Research CD3 beat even my Arcam 23T! I had to get an Aero Capitole (well over $2k) to beat it!
I recently acquired an MHZS CD 66E that knocks the sox off of anything that I have heard under $5K. Bargain of the century at $699! Bob