Which Super Integrated Amp to drive planars?

So, i've narrowed down my shortlist to the below amplifiers to drive my LFT 8B Planar speakers. These are all big powerful integrated amps - having a preference of integrateds at this pricepoint. My source is an Esoteric SA60. I play nearly all music genre.

Can any forum members share their views / experience with any of the below mentioned amps - preferably where driving difficult / low sensitivity (84dB or less) full range speakers? Comments on the synergy between the above and below mentioned products also deeply appreciated.

Super Integrateds (High Power products only)

BAT VK-300X SE -------------------[150w 8ohm, 300w 4 ohm]
Coda Continuum CSI ltd edition --[220w 8ohm, 440w 4 ohm]
Krell 400xi --------------------------[200w 8ohm, 400w 4 ohm]
Pass Labs INT-150 ----------------[150w 8ohm, 300w 4 ohm]
Unison Research Unico 200 -------[200w 8ohm, 350w 4 ohm]
Boulder 865 Integrated -----------[150w 8ohm, 300w 4 ohm]
Sim Audio Moon i-7 ---------------[150w 8ohm, 250w 4 ohm]

PS Audio GCC 250. Differentially balanced, full function remote includes L/R balance, input selection AND polarity- designated as "PHASE" on the remote.
Which spkrs are you driving? It helps to know -- otherwise, how can one recommend a specific amp?

As things stand, any of the amps you've listed (and I would add the Plinius, as above) will give you +20-25dB spl over the spkrs' ref level...