Which taps?

Hey everyone,

I inherited a Jolida SJ502A tube integrated from my uncle. This is my first ever tube component and I have been enjoying the experience with some speakers I have.

The Jolida has both 4 and 8 ohm taps. I have been using the 4 ohm taps for my Magnepan LRS and the 8 ohm taps for the other speakers rated for 8.

Along with the amp, he gave me a pair of early 1970s 15 ohm Rogers LS3/5As. Which taps should be used for these speakers? I know nothing about tubes and don't want to damage the amp or speakers.

Also, I have Harbeth speakers rated at 6 ohm. Does it matter which taps to use for these?




I looked into this when choosing a new to me integrated tube amp for my vintage 16 ohm speakers.

General rule: use the tap closest to the 'nominal' impedance of the speakers, thus use the 8 ohm taps for your 15 ohm speakers.

It will be fine, a slight shift in frequency response will occur as the speaker's crossover was designed for 16 ohm taps. you may or may not hear the difference, as I said, slight.

Guitarists sometimes use different impedances purposely to get a 'different' 'preferred' sound for the specific song(s) or in the specific space they are playing.

I bought my version of Cayin A88T because it has 16 ohm taps as well as 8 and 4. I could have accepted the slight change, then the newer models with 4 and 8 (no 16) have external bias adjusters and meters.

Ralph (atmasphere) stated that my Cayin will have less distortion at it's 16 ohm taps. I remember that, but not the explanation.