Which to get rid of, TD145 MKii or Dual 1219?

I have those two turntables, and am thinking of selling one. Which would I sell?
Well, for my best interest, I would rather keep one that performs better but may fetch less money, and one that may potentially increase its value over the years. (Well, I don't expect much price hike since they are both so so tables.)
Reason for selling? Upgrade, upgrade, ...
Thanks for your input.
I guess the Dual, although I realize there is a resurgence of interest in them. I hope you aren;t the type of guy who marks them up wildy, but that is not my business.
What do you mean by marking wildly? Pricing too high?

I am not aware of recent interests in the Dual table. But I see that the price of entry level Thorens turntables (TD145, 146, 150, 160, 165, 166, ...) and Dual turntables have risen steadily, as with many other vintage turntables.
you really should keep them both...the thorens is the better performing table, but the selling the dual would only fetch a couple hundred bucks, even in perfect condition. the value of both should continue upward.
Loan the Dual to a friend to get them involved in vinyl? Especially if a sale could involve shipping which turntables can get so easily damaged even with original boxes. I was on the receiving end of one, unfortunately.