Which Totem Speakers

For a dedicated stereo music system in a room that measures 12' x 14' where the speakers will be roughly 7' apart, 1.5' from the back wall and 9' from the listener, which Totem speakers would you recommend?

The speakers will be powered by a Linn 4200 (4 x 200W) power amp.
There's a certain magic (combination of imaging and musicality) the Arros possess that just about no speaker, regardless of price, can match. Not sure why, but I've yet to pick up a pair, even though I always remind myself to.

That being said, many prefer some of the larger models in the lineup.
I have the Forests in a slightly larger room. The distance apart and from the back wall is similar to yours, however, I am sitting about 15 feet away which is too far back and takes away from the imaging. Sitting 9 feet away in your case (and when I pull a chair into the middle of the room), makes the Forests sound outstanding.
I would concur with the Forests (disclaimer - I've got a pair for sale currently). They are wonderful speakers, seem to do everything well. I have also heard Totem's other floor standers, all impressive.
Do you have a local Totem dealer? No substitute for your own ears.. and electronics and room.

I own a pair of Totem Arro floorstanders that I use at the end of an all Naim system. I am simply thrilled with my setup. For the first time, I have no urge to upgrade at this time. I listen to music like crazy- I no longer focus on my system, but rather, just the music.

I was surprised to hear the differences between the speakers in the Totem lineup. At least to my ears, each speaker had a different personality. I found the Arros to be quite special.

Good luck w/ your choice.

-- JBGood
Check out the Sttaf. It's a wonderful inexpensive loudspeaker. Also, I heard the Tabu at a Stereophile show in New York and thought it was a contender for Best Sound of Show.