Which Transport or CD Player?

Looking for a great CD playback solution and considering:

1. Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T

2. Jay's Audio CDT2-MK3

Other options: Denon Anniversary Edition DCD-A110 or Marantz SA-KI RUBY CD Player.  These each have a DAC so could be a plus or minus...another DAC to play with but a compromised transport.  I currently have a Border Patrol SEi dac but not married to it.  

Anyone compare these?  Looking for recommendations.  Thanks


I got my RS2 T in '20 before reviews pushed up the demand.

I've never experienced any glitches nohow. YRMV.

Are you utilizing the R2S?  What DAC are you using?


I believe that you will be happy with either of these two CD transports you’re inquiring about. I have not heard the Jay’s Audio unit, but it has received much praise from happy owners.

I have owned the Pro-Ject RS2T the past 10 months and use it quite regularly and have experienced not a problem. I know that some have had quality control issues. Sonically its been superb for me. It presents music beautifully with a very emotionally engaging manner.

As you mention, I believe much of this wonderful sound quality can be attributed to the latest Stream Unlimited CD Pro-8 drive mechanism and Blue Tiger servo integration. I hope you are able to hear both CD transports and judge for yourself.




Would be really great to hear both, but unlikely.  Do you use the I2S to connect to your DAC?  


 I use SPDIF RCA cable, only choice with my minimalist designed /built Japanese DAC. But as I mentioned previously, splendid sound quality! Problem with Is2 is there are multiple proprietary designs. From my understanding, Pro-Ject is only compatible with its sibling products. 

I went with the Jay's...my audio buddy bought the project and on his 3rd unit..junkass build quality compared to the Jays