Which Tube Amp?

Ok all you tube-O-philes, I have a question!

I am thinking of getting back to a tube amp(s), maybe.
(I used to have a C.J. MV50 many years ago.)

What is the best tube amp, or monoblock tube amps, for me?
Please note that I know that I am NOT a tweaker, so the qualifications for the tube amp I want are:

Easy to no tube biasing. (Either so easy a monkey can do it, without special tools or meters, or automatic biasing.)

At least 100W/ch, and preferrably up to 200W/ch. (I need the power to drive my Revel Studio Speakers.)

While I want that nice tube sound, I don't want too much.
(I.e I don't really want that classic C.J. "tubey" sound.)

Price: Well, give me a ballpark figure for what you suggest (Used Price). I figure I can go up to $4-5,000.

Reliability: I like my ARC LS-2 preamp as it is rock solid, as is my current SS amp, a Mark Levinson No. 23.
Therefore, I want something with good build quality.

Tube Availability: I want a tube amp that can go with cheaper tubes and still sound good. (I don't want something that I have to spend thousands of dollars on everytime I retube it.)

Preferably with cages, as I have a 3 year old daughter, who while being very good about not touching my system (so far at least), she does have friends over, who would probably love to touch the "pretty glowing lights", (and whose father would then sue me (and thus take my amps!) for allowing his daughter to get third degree burns on my equipment!)

Please list all that you are familiar with, and would recommend. If you disagree with someone else's recommendation, please state that as well, (especially if you have personel experience with the offending amp!)

Some that I have considered, but tossed out include:

Any ARC tube amp, as they are all bloody espensive to retube!

The Kora Cosmos. Nice sounding, but way to much trouble to bias.

Any older C.J. amps, as they sound too tubey. (I will admit that I have not heard the latest C.J. amps, so maybe they sound different.)

Antique Sound labs "Hurricanes": (This is a maybe, because of the reliablity issues I have heard about.)

Thanks in advance for your input!
get the VTL 450 SIGNATURES and learn to use the screwdriver and meter once every six months
I would suggest a set of BAT VK 60 monoblocks. You can order a tube cage direct from BAT. They auto bias and provide 120 watts per side. Heaven for your setup might be a set of BAT VK150SEs, they will cost more than your budget even used, but they are in the select group of they very best money can buy

If it were me, I would investigate further on the Hurricanes, they are just so much amp for the money. I know a very fussy audiophile who knows his stuff and after owning tons of mega buck stuff he is using the Hurricanes now. You could be way below your budget even for a new pair, leaving you with lots of money to retube them as needed
Has about 100 watts; easily replaceable tubes made currently; simple bias system that never goes out anyway; good slam; should work well with your speakers; Stereophile class A
Blue Circle BC28. 120 watts per side, 2 6922 tubes (even good NOS are relatively cheap). Lots of good inexpensive new 6922 tubes available. No biasing. This is a hybrid amp with tubes in the input stage and a solid state output which give you a nice neutral mix of warmth and "pop". Available for less than 5K new. There is a recent review on Sound Stage I believe.