which tube amps have strong drive/150+ watts under 15k?

I've recently become interested in seeking out a two channel tube amp solution that could power a variety of different different speakers, none of which would be considered high sensitivity

Some contenders appear to be the McIntosh MC1502, Prima Luna EVO 400s in mono configuration, possibly the Decware Zen TORII Mono's ( wattage seems low?)

Any suggestions/experiences would be appreciated










The PL's will score high in   overall value/performance/flexibility.

Also will likely  drive most of your speaker choices. I don't hear any concerns with my 89 db speakers.

The 2 ohm tap may help those with impedance dips.

Longtime Dialogue HP user.


Rogue Apollo Dark also come in at 15K and have 250 Watts per side. I think they can even hit 150 Watts in triode mode! But the older non-Dark Zeus and Apollo are also good for 225 to 250 watts (depending on version and tubes) and are very affordable on the used market; usually under 5K.

Manley Neo Classic 250 were close too, but just had a price increase to 19K this January :(

You will surely get responses about how many watts you “actually need” but I’ve always enjoyed the gains from 200+ tube watts even on my 96dB Tannoys. The difference in driver grip, authority, bass, and dynamics is astonishing.

The ARC 150SE I am about to put up for sale for half that budget. If I can force myself to part with it. I have a brand new ARC Ref 80S. I love both of them and will likely keep the 150 SE. Seriously. Just half an hour ago I got my strong son to lift the 150 SE to the amp stand in place of the 80S to help me make a decision. If you look at the photos of my system you will see both amps in my system due to taking the photos at different times.