Which tube friendly speaker?

Which tube friendly speaker gets the highest marks?

1)Soliloquy 6.2

2)Meadowlark Kestral 1 Hot Rod?

3)Coincident Partial Eclipse 1 or 2?

All can be had in my price range. Will be paired with Rogue or Unico gear.
Yes Chelillingworth - -I'm looking used. You've raved about the Carolina Audio speakers. Do those little drivers put out any bass?
I would strongly suggest auditioning, or at least considering Living Voice speakers from GB!
Gooddomino, Auditorium's would be my top choice, at the price. The, higher more expensive are equaly great, but competition is somewhat stiffer at the $5K range.
Auditoriums for me too, Built for tubes, they sound great with the class Pass lab Aleph 3's too. Good sounstage, dynamic a good base, if not without a little colouration. They just sound good and make all genres of music sound good. You can buy any of the range with confidence. In fact it's instructive to listen to the range to see what better materials will do to the sound of basically the same box