Which Tube Pre for 5K?

I'm considering the following: Aesthetix Calypso, VAC Standard, MkII, and Blue Circle BC3 Galatea, MkII (feel free to add others). I'm unable to audition any of these. I do want a fully balanced pre with a remote and would consider buying used.
Thanks all.
I wanted the same features in a tube pre. Last summer, I bought a new Calypso without hearing it first.

No regrets. No plan to replace it. It truely is a fantastic sounding pre-amp. It is built like a tank too!
Barrelchief, did you audition the VAC or BC? What tubes did you end up using with the Calypso?

I forgot to mention that there is another recent post in which other Audiogon members comment on the work of Joseph Chow and his Audio Horizons products. Search "Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier."
CAT is not balanced. I am not either, apparently. No remote either. My bad.
Calypso was my second choice, but I didn't need the remote, and felt I didn't need balanced after hearing the CAT.
So my vote is Calpso (new) or VK51se (used).

Try the BAT 51se. Best sound and customer service I've come across!

All the best,