Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?

Which would you choose in equal condition?

Pro-Ject "The Classic" (original version) with carbon fiber arm


VPI HW19 Junior with RB300 arm

Thanks for your advice.


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I went from a ProJect X2 to a VPI Prime. Really no comparison. The VPI excels in every way.

I have a Project and a Thorens TD126.

I'd buy the VPI, but IMHO they're pretty close, really. Depends on the cartridge, too.

I'm pleased with the performance I get from an original Pro-Ject The Classic paired with a Hana SH.  I upgraded the sub-platter to the aluminum version and the platter mat to acrylic.

I've considered alternatives, but I suspect I'd have to make a significantly higher investment to find a discernable improvement.