Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?

Which would you choose in equal condition?

Pro-Ject "The Classic" (original version) with carbon fiber arm


VPI HW19 Junior with RB300 arm

Thanks for your advice.



I'm pleased with the performance I get from an original Pro-Ject The Classic paired with a Hana SH.  I upgraded the sub-platter to the aluminum version and the platter mat to acrylic.

I've considered alternatives, but I suspect I'd have to make a significantly higher investment to find a discernable improvement.

Honestly I am not sure you could wrong with either. But for me I also look at the perspective of (if buying new) who I want to give my hard earned money to. Having been in the industry years ago I have really grown fond of the VPI family and respect their culture and how they treat their customers. Not that Sumiko and the Project group don’t but just my personal bias that would lean me towards VPI. 
For what it’s worth. 


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