Which turntable? Pro-Ject or VPI?

Which would you choose in equal condition?

Pro-Ject "The Classic" (original version) with carbon fiber arm


VPI HW19 Junior with RB300 arm

Thanks for your advice.



I didn't mean to be cheeky, and I often see others suggesting equipment wayyyy over budget, perhaps I have done so this time.

I was assuming ..... that OP had a budget for either of those new (including a Tonearm), so I was thinking, if used, this model, a lot more for some more $.

maybe the difference is too much.

I’ve had 2 Pro-jects and 1 VPI. If you want a livelier sound, get a VPI. The Pro-ject has a laid back sound. At any given price level, I’d get a VPI.

I have a Prime and eventually added their synchronous drive system and finally the outer ring as I was able to. Beautiful combination especially when I use the 2 dimes.  Greg 


Just buy a used Rega. Every jump is a big improvement in sound. Since the the new NAIA was just released in the US there should be some deals on the lower models. After that,  the cartridge and setup are the main thing. Rega and the new Ortofon carts sound and fit perfect without shims. If you want to really step it up get a Hana cartridge. You will need to shim it but it’s worth it. All the way down to the Hana SL/ SH. I know this is going against the group but this is the way you should go.