Which Universal DVD has the best CD Transport?

I've seen this question phrased in several different ways, but want to focus specifically on the CD Redbook transport quality in universal players. Like others, I'm exploring the possiblility of combining a good DAC with the best CD transport in a DVD universal machine that I can find. I've read the other posts and have learned a lot... thanks all; however, I'm still hoping for clarification on what A-Goners feel is the best sounding universal CD transport (realizing DVD universals do not compete with separates or high quality CDPs). Some universals (DVD-A optional) come to mind.
Sony 9000ES & 999ES, Pioneer DV-47Ai, Integra 8.3, Marantz and so on. Is there a solid difference or are they all pretty much the same?
Any comments or opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million, Jim
While I have a dedicated cd player I also have the Arcam 27. In the used department this would be a pretty good "best of both---" choice.
On its dvd reproduction it is far superior to Pioneer 47ai (had that one) and Sony 9000 or 999.
Muse Model 10 plays CD, DVD, DVD-A, CDR, and the standard layer of SACD. I use a Model 9 Signature (CD,DVD, & DVD-A) which sounds terrific on redbook CD's, as well as DVD-A's. Kevin Halverson of Muse says the 10 offers even better playback for redbook CD's as well as the added formats of CDR and SACD. Search the archives for Muse Model 9 or 9 sig to read many favorable comments about their CD playback capabilities. An added bonus, they can be run balanced also (at least the 9 sig and 10, you should check on the 9). I don't know the exact prices, and you will probably not find a Model 10 here used for awhile. I believe the 10 is about $4K, the 9 sig about $2-2.5K used, and the 9 about $1-1.5 used. Muse will also upgrade either of those to a Model 10, so you can buy used and have the factory upgrade for an "almost like new" player. Good people to work with. Good luck with your search.