Which upgraded fuse is recommended for an Onkyo and Elac setup?

I have acquired a mid grade hi fi system that I am going to put in my office. Its an Onkyo avr priced under $1000 ( purchased sometime in the last year by my brother) with some Elac bookshelf speakers priced around $500.  Not sure of the model numbers. 

In general...which fuse upgrade is recommended?  Trying to squeeze all I can out of this mid fi system. Thanks.
Your speakers are approximately less than 85 dB /  1 W / 1 Metre and 6 ohm stable. Which means they need lot more power than a 92 or 96 dB 8 ohm speakers.

Despite what you think you are hearing get a 200 Watt 2 channel amp that is stable till 4 ohm , you can get one used for $500 or less. Think Parasound etc. 

Far less hassle regards to  worrying about fuse etc. Far better sound you might be pleasantly surprised.
imhififan11-07-2018 12:55am
Yep! A Absolute Dream Power Cord can transform your $1k system to $10K!!! ... Do the math, It should be $11k!!!
My bad ;)
That's your claim, perhaps, but not one made in the link you provided.
You are right! I'm absolutely dreaming, Time to wake up and smell the coffee! ☕️
I recommend getting the 3 meter version a deal at $17.5k instead of $20k. You save $2.5k !!!.

My current amp is less than $2.5k, lucky me!.