Which USB reclocker is as good as the Innuos Phoenix USB?

I read a lot about the Innuos Phoenix USB and everyone sings its praises even owners of expensive gear. The problem is that it is expensive.

There are other reclockers like iPurifier3, the Ideon Audio USB Re-clocker 3R, or the SOtM tX-USBultra USB Audio Reclocker. In forums the feedback is that the Phoenix beats a lot of the reclockers.

Does anyone have experience with a USB reclocker that does as good job as the Phoenix USB?

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omg -- this thread is quickly becoming the sweaty armpit of audiogon 😆

To the OP I deleted my posts. I promised myself I wouldn’t comment on reclocker threads. If someone wants to believe this stuff then they will. I apologize for the interruption.  Carry on.


What is it with you and this attitude?

Apparently you have close no knowledge in digital gear.

You asked for advice in a thread you created:

Wisdom of buying high priced digital gear (given new advancements underway)

As I am fairly new to the world of stand-alone streamers and DACs, as well as combo units like a Hegel amp with onboard DAC, my question is whether it is wise to buy some of the more expensive high end streamers and DACs, say in the 3-4-5 grand (and up) range.

For instance, a Bluesound Node 2i is a capable digital bit-source (weak internal DAC noted) at only $500, so I question the benefit of buying a $2-3-4k unit from Innuos, Brooklyn, Auralic etc etc? But if I do, just to try them, I am concerned there will be newer units out in the future, and these used units may take significant value hits.


Then you come here bringing your lack of knowledge and "armpit" attitude.

Treat people as you want to be treated.