Which USB to S/PDIF converter with Metrum Octave?

I'm exploring USB converters to pair with my Metrum Octave, which in turn feeds a Lamm LL2 deluxe and a McIntosh MC275. I read comments suggesting the converter is very important, but equally important is how it interacts with the DAC to be used.

So far my top pick is an Audiophilleo 2 with PurePower. This would also be about the higher end of what I'm willing to spend ($1k).

I read great things about the Off-Ramp, but it's over my budget. Same for Berkeley's converter.

One line that has me intrigued is Bel Canto's. The uLink is $675, but doesn't have a good power supply. What it does have is the fiber optic out, and Steven Stone recently found that connection superior to the others when connecting to a Bel Canto DAC. Anyone tried it with the Octave? Or the REFLink?

Other converters I should consider?

Thank you!
W4S makes the uLINK. I've used their dacs on the past, great products from a good company.

Thanks for the tip on iFi products. Been doing a fair amount of reading since receiving your tip, and the iUSB is well reviewed by many users. The iLink seems to be too new and can't find much more than speculation about its performance. Please let us know how it performs for you. How much did you pay for it? My understanding is the iUSB is $300, the Gemini about $200, but have not seen price references for the iLink.

Thanks again!
For the Ciunas, I don't know how the converter has changed from the JKDAC model, but I suspect he made some changes that parallel those in the Dac. As for the later, three days in I'm finding it's really good. For some pre-production reviews, check the thread at the link below. One thing to note is the prices are in Euros, so if you're in the States deduct about 20%. John answers emails promptly and is very helpful.

Lewinskih01, In the FWIW category I just purchased the EVO Clock to go with my Evo converter and the improvement is really noticable. I'm also running the converter off of battery and the clock off of an after market linear PS with great results. Per this thread this is all used with the Metrum Octave and my system has never sounded better.

Good Luck,

Lewinskih01, I would highly recommend the Off Ramp. I've bought my OR4 since April and it took my dac to a whole new level of performance. There is an OR4 that just popped up here on audiogon. I know it is more than your budget, but I'm sure you could negotiate a lower price than the one listed. If you can't get a good price on it, then save a little more and get a new stock OR5 for $1300. You simply can't go wrong with these.