Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?

I need a bargain CD player. Emphasis on bargain. One possibility is buying a cheap Schiit DAC and a vintage player to use as a transport. $100 or so for something described as “bulletproof.” Two questions:

—Is this a good idea?

—Which brand/model/year would be a good choice for a transport? 

Many thanks. 


+ Onkyo C7030

i bought this new a year ago for $250. Pairs nicely with the Denafrips Ares II 



I had a PD 65 for maybe 5 years, not always in my system, A few years back, it died. Parts not available

If you're looking for cheap outlay with maximum sonic return, almost any single-play player with a digital output paired with an outboard semi-vintage DAC will work well. I am partial to the MSB DACs from the mid-to-late 90s because of their tank-like construction and neutral sound. Currently running a Sony XA20ES through an MSB Gold Link DAC / P1000 Powerbase combo and the sound is excellent. Two Rotel players in other systems are run through MSB DACs with similar results.

Just as a follow-up to my previous post (and because I forgot a great example due to my advancing age), I was so pleased several years back when I went down the road you're contemplating, I decided to go whole-hog (on a financially small scale). I snagged a beautiful Sony 707ESD player and a couple of years later, found an MSB Platinum DAC to go with it. Total outlay for those pieces was somewhere around $1200, and they are teamed with a Musical Fidelity A-308 integrated and a pair of Dali Helicon 400 speakers. This suite would hold its own against many mega-buck similar combos, I'd wager.