Which Vintage Turntable & Which Vintage Cartridge for the turntable?

I would like to play my 300 LP's from the 60's and 70's. 

Question 1:  I have both a direct drive Sony PS333 and a Sony belt driven PS 5520 turntables.  Which is the better turntable?

Question 2:  I  also came across the following cartridges with original stylus: Shure M97x, Audio Technica AT-OC9 MC, Stanton L747S, Signet 110E MC, and Signet AM10s.

Are any of these cartridges worth keeping? If so which is the best?

I did purchase a Denon DL-110 today. How do the old cartridges compare to the new Denon? I must admit I am not familiar regarding the quality of my vintage turntables and cartridges.

Thanks in advance for the anticipated replies and help.  I look forward to listening to my old LP's. Much appreciated.




I recently added an old Shure V-15 Type V (with new stylus) cartridge to my Garrard 401/Dynavector 501 arm/turntable configuration, with new pivot bearing in the Garrard 401 turntable.

The sound is magnificent, the best I have experienced in over 50 years,  (though on a blue-collar budget) at this. I've not had a Shure M97XS, but I've heard they are very good cartridges. I also have an AT-ART9 MC, but on this arm the AT can't compete with the old Shure cartridge.

I've never been, or been considered to be, an analog expert, just a purveyor of analog. It's just something to really enjoy  at my age.

As far as which turntable is the best, I have absolutely no clue. Perhaps someone who is knowledgeable will provide the answer you need, I just wanted to tell you of my positive experience with my Shure cartridge.

Best regards,


The AT-OC9 is exceptional. Definitely hang on to it. Easily as good as DL110. But it is moving coil, so you'll need either a Step Up Transformer or a phono stage that offers MC settings.

Both TTs are general entry level grade but decent. I would just set both up and decide which sound you prefer. I think 5520 looks better :)