Which VPI LP Cleaning Machine?

A number of people on this site, that I have developed a great deal of respect for, have advised the purchase of a VPI LP cleaning machine. I'm going to take their advise. Assuming that I can afford either one, but don't like to spend money needlessly, I would like help in deciding which to buy. Thanks.
who cleans more than one or two records at a time? clean a record/listen, clean another/listen. if you are doing production buy a production machine, if you are a listener buy a 16.5 do it manually and be happy. take the other 1k and invest in a cartridge or some vinyl or a set of blow up dolls.
The 16.5 I have works fine. The platter does get dirty and so you need to clean it occasionally. I use a brush and hose attached to a home canister vacuum to do this. Also, just after you switch off the unit's suction pump, manually lift the suction arm off the record before the suction pump completely stops. Doing this helps remove the final bit of residue on the record that you might otherwise see.
I've been waiting for a used 17F for nearly two years on Audiogon to replace my Nitty Gritty 1.5fi. After missing nearly 5 listings I finally gave up and bought one from Elusivedisc which is only $125 more than the last one that I missed. It came last week and I was totally blown away by its ease and efficiency. The result is nothing short of outstanding. A class of its own. Now I simply regret that I didn't get it sooner and want to kick myself for buying the new Nitty Gritty just to save a few bucks.

The liquid spillage, however, could be a bit tricky if you're not familiar with the machine. However, after using it for about 10 times, you learn how to control liquid flow quickly.
Sayas - If truly pressed I could probably come up with a dozen or so reasons why someone would want to clean more than one or two records at a time and still not find themselves in your "production" category. Just a few are:

Someone with a larger, older record collection who wants to clean them all and doesn't want to spend 5 years to complete the task.

Someone who doesn't want to haul the machine out everytime they listen to a record that hasn't been cleaned one-by-one.

Someone who frequents garage sales and picks up 10-20 Lp's at a crack on most weekends (including a pristine Brubeck "Time Out" last weekend for four bits)!

I happen to fit into all three categories. I bought the 16.5, having resolved myself to cleaning 5-7 LP's every day until my collection of 2,000+ are done. The reason for NOT buying the 17 WAS to save money, given that I have more time than money. And, the $600-odd dollars saved DOES go towards buying more vinyl, having already bought a cartridge. As for your third option, I would suspect that one who trots out so crude and inane a reference as blowup dolls likely has a pair stowed one's bed.

17 is a really nice machine...

I've got an equally large and older collection sitting waiting to be listened to, and the luxury of a room that is convenient and accomodates the machine and also have Time out and yes it is a great recording, i hope your aquisition is in excellent condition.

hope your future cleaner purchase is rewarding!