Which VPI LP Cleaning Machine?

A number of people on this site, that I have developed a great deal of respect for, have advised the purchase of a VPI LP cleaning machine. I'm going to take their advise. Assuming that I can afford either one, but don't like to spend money needlessly, I would like help in deciding which to buy. Thanks.

17 is a really nice machine...

I've got an equally large and older collection sitting waiting to be listened to, and the luxury of a room that is convenient and accomodates the machine and also have Time out and yes it is a great recording, i hope your aquisition is in excellent condition.

hope your future cleaner purchase is rewarding!
For what its worth I bought a vpi 17 for a great price last winter and it has been a delight to use. I would strongly recommend it. Fluid cleaning type is another question. I started out using no alcohol but when this lot is done I plan to use some and compare. Good luch
I use Torumat cleaning fluid with great result. However, I would be most grateful if someone can reveal a good secret formula for low-to-medium income audiophiles to buy the chemicals and produce the solution ourselves. After all, how hard can it be???
For many years I have used the following simple solution with very satisfactory results, and, most importantly, no harm across several thousand LPs:

20% Isopropyl Alcohol (91%), with no additives
80% Distilled water
12-20 drops of Kodak PhotoFlow per gallon (to reduce surface adhesion)

Mixing this up is simple: Buy a 1 gallon container of distilled water, pour off a little more than a quart into a separate clean container, then pour 1 quart of isopropyl alcohol into the gallon container, add the PhotoFlow, and top off the gallon container with some of the distilled water you poured off at the outset.

Some people contend that a surfactant should also be added as a "detergent" agent to be effective, but I've yet to find a recommendation with which I've felt comfortable so I've stayed with the formula above. There is also some contrary opinion about the use of the PhotoFlow, but I've not observed any problem in over 15 years. In my experience the PhotoFlow is necessary to get the fluid into the record grooves.

One can work multiple options on how pure should be the alcohol and distilled water. I've always used what I find in the local drug store.

VPI 17 record cleaner still going strong.
Rushton, thanks for your response. I am getting down to my last VPI refill and am going to use your recipe with one addition. 5 drops of tub and tile. This is what was told to me in my current batch of cleaner. Your recipe is identical except the t&t.

enjoy the music!