*WHITE PAPER* The Sound of Music - How & Why the Speaker Cable Matters


I’ve spent a sizeable amount of the last year putting together this white paper: The Sound of Music and Error in Your Speaker Cables

Yes, I’ve done it for all the naysayers but mainly for all the cable advocates that know how you connect your separates determines the level of accuracy you can part from your system.

I’ve often theorized what is happening but now, here is some proof of what we are indeed hearing in speaker cables caused by the mismatch between the characteristic impedance of the speaker cable and the loudspeaker impedance.

I’ve included the circuit so you can build and test this out for yourselves.

Let the fun begin

Max Townshend 

Townshend Audio

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Probably worth pointing out at this point that Einstein developed ALL his theories in his head. It was decades if not many decades before they could be proven correct. Einstein is the direct opposite of your position which is to ignore actual science and try to believe it does not exist. I have clearly pointed out to you there is more than just big gauge and not taking into account inductance will have an actual measured and perceived impact on high frequencies. Bringing up Einstein does not change that but does prove my point. You don't get to just ignore science.   Newton's laws are still exceedingly accurate for most things.

"The only way I know to determine how something sounds is to hook it up and listen."

What happened to your deciding on a component sound by watching and listening to it on youtube?

Did you finally realize it is not the way you can do it?

Kudos, you can still learn. Until now I was, as you told me recently,...hopeless.

1. Our ear is not a measuring instrument.
2. Get yourself an Eq. connect it. Go blind folded, while playing your music. Set the Eq sliders, till you like the sound the most. Remove the eye cover and see what is the EQ setup. This is what you like...
Now when you go to a concert or a live show, set your Eq, to get it sound the way you like it...
You see, this is not the way to go. We are about reproducing sound accurately, to get the same as it was when played. 
I stopped using Eq at highschool. What about you? Still fine tuning sound by likes?
The roll of the speaker cable with medium and high DF amp's is crucial.
Listening shows it is. Calculation shows the same. Ignoring it, is like getting your had in the sand. I don't mind if you do it. I think that are better way to deal with it. 
1. Understand it.
2. Get some effort and calculate the cable parameters (AWG vs length).
3. Apply the right cable.
Trust me, the results will convince you too.

What if the EQ is simply correcting for the room and speakers?

So you believe in measurements? Great where are yours?
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