Whittling down my choices to a final few pair...

Good evening Agon,

I know it's extremely difficult to recommend a speaker sight unseen; even more so to estimate the dynamics in a room with furnishings and other flotsam that could impact the sound.

My beloved bride and I are down to the last few pairs of speakers (I'm rolling the proverbial dice on all of these, going by Internet Opinions and such rather than the opportunity for actual listening, since we're in a unique situation)

Our room is 20x30x10' high.  The speakers would be positioned off the 20' wall and ideally toed-in or otherwise manipulated to sound optimal.

We're down to:

  • Legacy Aeris
  • Eggleston Savoy SE
  • Wilson Sasha DAW
  • Wilson Maxx

In no particular order.

Our previous speakers were franken-Jubilee's, which had a beautiful tendency to disappear and allow a moderate listening volume without interrupting conversations.

Given the above list, I'd appreciate your guidance.  Thank you so much in advance.


The amps you are considering seem to be poorly matched with the speakers on the list.  Synergy makes all the difference.

On the other hand. Get a fantastic set of speakers like those listed that really appeal to the OP and the next steps will be to optimize the electronics driving them. I always start an upgrade cycle with speakers.

OP I've heard all the brand you mentioned at axponat hey are all good speakers but they are not for me except eggleston not the savoy. I own the Andra eggleston. I almost gave up on them, they like power.Very picky on amp . They did well on Krell and Mark Levinson and with my supercharger 550 musical fidelity monoblocks. My favorite amp for the Andra is my Tsakadiris Apollon  150 w tube monoblock.