Who actually heard the Infinity IRS?

I've been looking at the very high value Arion speaker and it's called to mind a vintage speaker, the Infinity IRS.  They are not the same speakers, but honestly I never actually got to even see an Infinity IRS in real life, let alone hear one.

I'm wondering if anyone has or even owns a quad (pair would be wrong) of them could talk about the sound quality and compare to anything today.


I have seriously considered getting Arion speakers.


I’ve not heard one but

  1. I like AMT’s in general
  2. I love line sources and
  3. The Arion speakers are incredibly underpriced for the way they are built.

Of course, listening is EVERYTHING, but it’s one of the few speakers in the price range I could take seriously.

I think it is worth a trip to North Carolina!

I like the model that has the subwoofer built in.

Good price and no outboard sub amp.

I still own the little brother to them. Made with the same drivers and meant to be 

an item for people that wanted the same sound, at lower volume and with a much smaller footprint. That is the Infinity Modulus 90 sub/sat system with the servo controlled 12” sub. They came with the optional factory filled ear height stands, though there were tabletop and wall mount versions available. $3,300 back in the day and the combo was recommended by Stereophile. That was just icing on the cake for me. I had to have them based on looks alone. With my Krell KSA 100S on top of my Standesign 4 place rack, the look was pretty alright for the early 90s. I believe anyone that purchased the system, really enjoyed knowing that the pedigree for these speakers was pure blue blooded royalty. If you end up sitting on the throne, you’ll certainly enjoy your reign. The holographic imaging I still get is a full 180° from dead left to dead right. And the silky smoothness from top to bottom is something to behold. And the midrange is so good, I just never take it for granted. It’s always noticeable and provokes the sensation of wanting to somehow feel the beat in a tactile way. You just want to put your hands on it. Yes, go have a listen if you can!