Who are the Stand Up Guy's and Gals in this Audio Industry?

Been some banter the past couple of days about bad experiences with a couple of the "Boutique Amplifier and  Speaker Builders"

So I am posing the question of these " Boutique Builders" , who of them have been stand up guys and gals taking care of business for you.

Some may find this information helpful in the processes of making a purchasing decision.

I will say that Upscale Audio has been standup in  the past with an Issue I had with a Pathos Amp and got me fixed up fast.
Rob at Audio Art Cable was a big help in helping me out. Always took time to talk to me and never gave you the brush off. I STRONGLY recommend him!
I would like to add.

Frank at Signal Cable. Always has time for questions and makes an outstanding product at more than fair prices. Doing a loom with all Signal Cable in my system.
Ive been dealing with Underwood HiFi for 15+ years. In the last couple years he started developing his own products under LSA that are excellent and very reasonably priced. If you get on the mailing list you will get specials