Who are your three favorite female singers?

I have favorites, but would like to hear from others.  Thanks
Lorraine Feather - Astonishing voice and writes great lyricsTierney Sutton - A true professionalJane Monheit - Very skilled, great voice
I'd put Emmy Rossum on the list if she'd stop recording pop schlock and record some good material (jazz). Outstanding skill, can sing for beauty and power. She's a great actress, but there are other great actresses. She's a top level singer.

Some others: Cassandra Wilson, Maureen McGovern, Lena Horne
@ sondeknz The question was top 3, not a list of 90.  I have 42,000 LPs/78s/CDs. I chose my top three from recordings dating back 100 years, of which 20% have female singers. I don't doubt you prefer nearly all contemporary singers but there have been more accomplished singers over the period of recordings (although you mention Fitzgerald and Garland).  

Sorry you didn't enjoy my list.
I wasn't trying to show-off.  I had simply hoped that going wider on list would help others to find some new favourites.
Certainly I have found a load of new voices myself, through this thread.
Based upon your own Top 3 picks, I think you would be most rewarded by exploring the music by STACEY KENT.
ELLA FITZGERALD was 4th on my list, but I have to admit the other three get heavier rotation these days.
I think my mentions of NINA SIMONE, JUDITH DURHAM and others qualify as "earlier" artists.
I never mentioned JUDY GARLAND.  Just not my bowl of satsumas.
All highly subjective, of course.