Who buy PS AUDIO ?

Please share your audio (gears) back ground and how long have you been an audiophile?
What or why do you like PS Audio products? What type of audience?
I’ve been watching Paul McGowan on Youtube, I just gotta to give this man so much credits on such valuable info he’s sharing with us audiophaniatics. I do love the guy to death.
I really want to support his business, I really do, but they aren’t cheap either (BHK-300)
Off you go, share your experience with PS AUDIO.
I haven’t purchased any PSA components yet, save for a few noise harvesters, but I am becoming a fan of the brand. In particular, the forums there are really outstanding in terms of the collegiality and helpfulness on offer. And the CEO is a regular contributor, along with design engineers and marketing folks. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and are open to hearing suggestions from their customers.

In fact, just today I posted something on their forum that could be considered critical of something they were doing, with a recommended alternative approach, and the CEO posted back publicly within minutes thanking for the suggestion and agreeing it was sound.  Pretty amazing. By following/participating there, you actually kinda feel like an insider.

Those who have purchased tend to become repeat purchasers and work their way up the chain. I’ve never heard one of their amps or preamps, to be honest, and not sure I ever will because they aren’t in US dealerships any longer, which I think is too bad.

But just from a lifestyle, customer-facing profile that the brand maintains, I think a lot of audio companies could learn a lot.
As nice as their designer is in the videos, remember that when compared to other equipment in stores, the company did not do well, and switched to mail order only.
You might want to check your facts. PS Audio has been in business for more than 40 years, and still services some of its oldest products.
I have a bit of PS Audio gear

P15 regenerator
BHK 300s and Pre
Directstream Dac

I think love the sound, wife loves it so much she never complained about cost and now fully supports future changes these days. Wasn’t always this way. Especially like being able to roll tubes.

Anyone that has ever heard my system is wowed. Nobody gets to know what i paid and they range from seasoned audiophiles to folks that just love their sound bars.

I’d take most reviews by individuals here with a bag of salt. When I made the decision to buy the mono blocks one self inflating member wrote paragraphs on how stupid I was and how underwhelming the amps where. Couple of days later same person puts out his list of his top 5 amps of all time. You guessed it, these amps where on his list...

Is there something I might like better out there? Probably so. But then its about the system not the components.

I will be getting a tranport later this year. Won’t be ps audio, but thats due to my needs not the quality of their product

I’m currently weighing out purchasing the Stellar Powerplant 3 vs the Synergistic Research Powercell 8 UEF SE. close to the same money. Currently demoing the SR and it is amazing however it has to sit on the floor, not rack worthy
A few have mentioned the PS colors the sound, is this accurate?
I'm new to PS Audio, though have been in hifi since the early 1980s.  I've mainly been a Brit-Crit - done the Linn/Naim/Exposure/ProAc thing for a long time. 

I recently got a pair of the M700 monoblocks - with all the stay-at-home orders, experimenting with the stereo was in order.  While I obviously can't offer any definitive opinions, I can say that in my system, in my house, the M700s sound terrific.  I *think* I prefer the Belles 350A Reference amp I bought at about the same time, but it's close overall, even if the amps sound different from each other. 

To expand on the differences in sound, the M700s are airier and slightly brighter sounding than the Belles (note the slightly brighter aspect may be a function of break-in).  The M700s also project a larger soundstage that goes beyond the outside edges of the speakers (Monitor Audio Gold GX300s).  The Belles sounds a bit more substantial, or fleshed-out, if you prefer.  For example, it's easier to hear Lyle Lovett as a complete person with the Belles than with the M700s.  And the Belles seems to have more weight - more sustain on notes - while the M700s seem to define the leading edge of notes slightly better.  Again, please note the caveat that the M700s aren't completely run-in. 

Neither the M700s or the Belles have the feeling of inner drive or liveliness that my Exposure 28 had; on the other hand, both make the Exposure sound relatively band-limited even as the Exposure makes the others sound a bit slower. 

With respect to build quality, I can only comment on the M700s, and I would say they are well-made without being overbuilt.  I don't know how they will fare over the long haul, but from what I think I understand of how the amps operate I'd expect them to be consistent over time and reliable in operation. 

In terms of service, PS Audio has been terrific - good communication both ways, prompt shipping, etc.  And the PS Audio forum is a good one - to echo what others have said, it's great to see people from PS Audio actively and meaningfully participate. 

So I'd say that if someone is in the market for something that PS Audio makes, it's well worth trying.  It's been around a while as a company, is responsive to customers, and makes gear that seems to be both high quality and reliable.  It's gear may not appeal to everyone, but that's OK - part of what makes this an interesting hobby!