Who can dance?

Not exactly a tech topic but dancing is an important aspect of music for a lot of people......including my wife.

Sadly, in our 30+ years of marriage I have never been what you’d call a dancer. Danced some in college for obvious reasons and with the necessary inhibition suppressor.

My wife likes to shag. And for those of you from across the pond it is not what you think......the shag is a type of dance that originated on the U.S. east coast and is associated with beach music bands. It is in the standard dance inventory across most of the south.

Well, as a joke one day I told my wife I’d learn the shag if she gave me the nod to get a drum kit. Well, I got a drum kit and I’m learning.......slowly........to dance to beach music. The shag also works for most R&B and even swing music.

Any of the rest of you music lovers know how to or enjoy dancing?

I’m the living model of two left feet. And last weekend we were dancing and I was pathetic and started laughing because all I could think about was Dr. Frankenstein’s monster in Young Frankenstein........Puttin’ on the Ritz!
Ah, the mosh pit. My first experience was at a Nine Inch Nails concert for The Downward Spiral. I was with my favorite stripper friend and she gave me some advice on how to not get hit and it was a blast. It was like being in a giant maelstrom.

Seeing Offspring was another matter. It was rough up front so I stayed behind several rows of people as they encircled the pit so I could see the band.

When I finally looked down, there was no one in front of me. Big mistake.
Slammed from behind, I flew about 10 feet forward and landed on my face. Feeling for my glasses, I felt the crown encircling me for the final touch. I got up slowly and as I readied myself, this giant of a man picked me up and gently passed me over the crowd to the calmer area behind the mosh pit.

You can meet the nicest people in the strangest of places.

All the best,
@nonoise I am jealous. I have never had a stripper friend.

At the same Struts show there is a point in the show where everybody squats or sits down (yuck) in the floor and jump up when the chorus of the song starts back up. Actually a lot of fun. Anyway the guy next to us was....heavy...when he tried to jump up he started going to the side. My wife and another guy grabbed him and kept him from going down head first.
Now that's dancing. When young, I wished I could dance like Fred Astaire and as an early teen, took tap dancing lessons, but didn't have the flow and grace (more like a Clydesdale 🐎).

I should have stuck with it as it's a wonderful form of exercise. Astaire called his legs his second heart (kept all the blood from settling).

All the best,