Who can modify a Yamaha s2300 Universal Player?

I own a Yamaha s2300 Universal Player. It plays every kind
of disc including SACD and DVD-A and is an excellent DVD
player [the only universal player with no "chroma bug"].

I wondering if there is someone who can modify this thing
and bring the sound quality up to higher levels. With the
chaos going on in the industry, I'm thinking this might be
a better short term solution than buying a new CD player and investing in current CD player technology or forking over $11,000 for the Linn Unidisk 1.1.

I'd at least like to explore this option before buying
another [soon to be obsolete?] CD player unit to get better play-back on CD's.

I'm thinking a couple of tweaks inside might improve
things sonically. It's got some good "bones" [Faroudja
Chip, Burr Brown, etc].

Any info will be appreciated.

Thank You.

Try Dan Wright at www.modwright.com, and/or search the old threads for Stan Warren's phone number.
www.audiomod.com - Richard Kern whose work has been very well documented at positive-feedback.com under "I don't drive stock". Another person worth e-mailing.
May be it`s to late , but if you haven`t modified your player yet, try Tweakaudio.com. Good luck. P.S. Would like to know your opinion on this unit , I`m thinking of getting one myself. Thanks.