Who else can't sleep the night before their fancy new gears arrive?

I have a BMC Ultradac arriving tomorrow and knowing me, I'll be awake all night. I'll be lucky if I get 3 hrs of sleep. 


"Was that the door bell?" "Out of my way, look out! "Nobody move"  I'll get that it's for me!"🤪

👍 Joyful anticipation 🎉 definitely! Hard worked for, heavily researched… the greatest things of life. 


@toro3 Yea it is a beautiful piece. But I don’t agree with some of the design language and there are quite a few things I would change about it. Like too many buttons on the beautiful frontplate. Nothing I’d need to press that I can’t do with the remote. I'm actually thinking of ways to hide all the buttons and still keep it cosmetically pleasing. 

@agisthos "For new audio toys I basically refresh the online shipment tracking page relentlessly."

haha this is so me. I laughed and looked to the side when I read this.

I was sitting on the front deck as I was stalking the DHL van location on my phone.

@clearthinker I don’t intend to debate what you are saying. But what you are saying doesn’t apply to my specific situation. The amp I have and the DAC I bought are meant to go together. You can say it was "mandatory" to buy the dac. There’s an optical cable that does not carry audio signal, that cable connects the dac to the amp to unlock a current-injection function and allow the amp to perform optimally the way it was designed.

Please disregard my basic stock cable, I’m awaiting delivery of a better one =P

@samureyex +1, I have the UltraDac and have been enjoying it alot for about 2 years. Everytime I time I think about ’upgrading’ it, I conclude that any difference in sq will be too slight or subjectively different to make it worth while; meaning, I really like the UltraDac.

Ohh, and I obsessed for about a week before I got it and still do with this that or the other possible tweak. Besides the other stuff I did, I found that an etherregen, silver XLR’s and a Zafino PC substantially improved imaging, soundstage and bloom (which for me happens when micro resonances are abundant and believable).