Who else can't sleep the night before their fancy new gears arrive?

I have a BMC Ultradac arriving tomorrow and knowing me, I'll be awake all night. I'll be lucky if I get 3 hrs of sleep. 


I was supposed to receive a shipment of GIK Acoustics panels on Good Friday and I had trouble sleeping the night before. Then I only received half of what I was supposed to receive. That cast a pall over the weekend. Then I received an email from Fedex saying the remaining packages would be delivered on Saturday. I waited all day and nothing arrived. ARGH! Finally on Monday the remainder of the shipment was delivered. But a set of brackets was missing and are out of stock. They should be here sometime next week. I feel frustrated, but I will anxiously wait with that weird pit feeling in my stomach.

@mbmi  beautiful indeed.

@baclagg  YIKES! It's always the worst to wait all day on delivery day and get nothing. I share your pain. 

The Buddha teaches us that when we attach ourselves to ’things’, we will eventually become disappointed and saddened, because a belief in the permanence of things is misplaced; things fade and die over time, and they loose their luster in our imaginations once they are acquired. I understand the wisdom. But all that flies out the window when it comes to audio. My pulse increases at the prospect of acquiring a pair of speakers or an amplifier, etc. It’s like Howard Hughes says in the movie, “I may seem crazy [to them]… but it all makes sense to me.” So, yeah, like a child on Christmas Eve…
No, I don’t anticipate the delivery. I’m very analytical about things. It comes, it gets tried and if it’s not everything I imagined it would be it gets kicked to the curb. Then it’s back to the hunt which is much more fulfilling.