Who else wants to keep their system secret?

For 15 years I have assembled a system that I think is really good for music and video. My system has been affected by location,income,spouse and reviews from Sound and Vision and Home Theater. Reading almost all forums and not seeing any of my components mentioned has made me feel like I missed something. I am grateful for all I have learned from the forums but I am not sure I want to face them. Who else has a system they are happy with, but would rather not reveal?
I don't post my system, but not because I want to keep it a secret. I don't post because it tends to change so often.....it's like trying to hit a moving target. :)

I hear you, but I think you, and sometimes I, are missing the point. Does it sound good to you? Does it sometimes affect you on an emotional level? Who gives a sh*t if your equiment is ever listed in the forums? If you watch the for sale forums here, everything comes up for sale. If there was an ultimate system, we would all end up buying the same thing. Don't get me wrong, if you hear something that is obviously better than what you have, then find a way to buy it. If you read enough positive reviews, and you want to try it then do it. But it may not be better than what you already have. There is no perfect system for all music. I think you should try to optimize your system for the type of music you listen to the most. As I get older, my tastes have changed, and my stereo system has changed also. Don't be hesitant to reveal your system, but don't feel inferior if it is not the "components du jour" either. All of us are seeking. Enjoy the journey and look forward to the destination. Now I will pour another glass of wine and change the lp.
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I've mentioned my gear when it was appropriate. I'm not here to advertise or boast.