Who has been an "Insider" with Audiogon?

What was the benefit of the paid option?

How many people subscribe?





I had it for a year.  I got absolutely nothing our of it.  Even the Bluebook was not helpful.  But that was just my experience.  

It’s hard to generalize about whether the quotes are "accurate" or not, but it helps me to recognize a price from a seller who is hoping to snag some newbie by pricing an obscure piece of gear at a ridiculous premium. The best examples for me are the prices of receivers from the 60’s and 70’s. Just having a nice wood cabinet doesn’t justify a multi-thousand dollar price.


TK- The Bluebook feature could be very useful.

Do you find their valuations to be fairly accurate?


I have been an "Insider" for a few years, having first joined during one of Audiogon's 50% off promotions. I'm sure there must be other reasons, but the main reason I have maintained my membership is for the Audiogon Bluebook. I use it as a second opinion when evaluating the prices of used (especially vintage) equipment. I refer to it when perusing other websites as well.