Who has dumped the power conditioner?

I recently replaced my mains conditioner, with a high quality power strip.(Oyaide MG).

The sound is now more detailed, dynamics I didn't know I was missing are back, and air and separation have all improved.
I am interested if anyone else has gone back to basics?
Tbg... do you still have all your synergistic cables and the powercell? I checked out your system and didn't see them on there.
Adwiegert, wow, I forgot to update my system. Thanks, yes, I still have the SRs and the PowerCell.
That's a shame because all power conditioners are not created equal. Even dedicated lines can benefit from well designed power conditioners. Some filtration components sold as power conditioners don't deliver quality power.
I am waiting on a MIT Z Duplex Super which I will add to one of my Dedicated 20amp lines and see if it makes a difference.I am hoping it will not limit or color the sound.plus peace of mind that my system is protected.