Who has dumped the power conditioner?

I recently replaced my mains conditioner, with a high quality power strip.(Oyaide MG).

The sound is now more detailed, dynamics I didn't know I was missing are back, and air and separation have all improved.
I am interested if anyone else has gone back to basics?
I am waiting on a MIT Z Duplex Super which I will add to one of my Dedicated 20amp lines and see if it makes a difference.I am hoping it will not limit or color the sound.plus peace of mind that my system is protected.
You are right, to address the residual noise present on a dedicated requires a conditioner whose output is quieter than that of the dedicated line. Conditioners capable of this are, indeed, rare and truly special, but they do exist.
Most of the power conditioning is a pile of hogwash. Another way to extract money from impressionable audiophiles. If there seems to be market for something there is always an entrepreneur who will have a crack at it.
Plelko, I think most conditioners lose the pace of the music. I always liked the Sound Application and now the Synergistic PowerCell as they do not.