Who has heard Accuphase C2400 and C2800?

I would like to know if C2800 is worth the extra 10k. If anyone has done a side-by-side audition, could you please share your experience. In my area there is only 1 Accuphase dealer and it doesn't have any pre-amp demo unit.


They are electronically the same.
The C-2800 is just a more luxurious execution. But they both sound great, the same.
PS I must add the the C-2000 is already excellent !
Quite as good as the C-2400 and the C-2800.
The real difference relies in the optional cards, extensions : mainly for phono, turntables.

You can add a better Accuphase card (more expensive, of course) as option on the C-2400 and C-2800.

Having a Lamm LP-2 for phono, I didn't mind that and bought the C-2000, a great preamp.
For what it's worth, this is from Echo Loft. BTW, I got the Marantz SC-7S1 preamp and love it:


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Title: STEREO SOUND Best Buy Pre-amplifiers 2004
Post by: jerms on 10/28/04 at 18:36:25
FYI, a list compiled from Japan's premier mag. top 10 positions:

1. ACCUPHASE C-2400 (rating 22) (580,000 yen)
2 (tied). MARANTZ SC-7S1 (rating 16) (700,000 yen)
2 (tied). ACCUPHASE C-2800 (rating 16) (1,100,000 yen)
3. GOLDMUND Mimesis SR-P2.3 (rating 14) (460,000 yen)
4. McINTOSH C-46 (rating 13) (700,000 yen)
5. LUXMAN C-70f (rating 12) (450,000 yen)
6. HALCRO dm-8 (rating 11) (2,200,000 yen)
7 (tied). ACCUPHASE DC-330 (rating 10) (880,000 yen)
7 (tied). MARK LEVINSON No.32L (rating 10) (3,200,000 yen)
8. LINN Klimax Kontrol (rating 9) (1,200,000 yen)
9. VIOLA Cadenza [rating 8] (1,900,000 yen)
10 (tied). AYRE K-5x (rating 7) (580,000 yen)
10 (tied). McINTOSH C-2200 (rating 7) (750,000 yen)
10 (tied). HOVLAND HP-100 (rating 7) (850,000 yen)
The diference between the C-2000 and the C-2400 are in their power supplies, parts quality and some other minor aspects like mechanichal and electromagnetic isolation.