Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.

Hello All,
I’m coming up on 40 yrs in this hobby,and or obsession of ours,and I started with a pair of Khorns and Macintosh at the age of 12 and Offcourse owned a ton of different gear over the yrs.
I bought a 2170 a little more than 6 months ago and I enjoyed it so much that I quickly realized I don’t really need anything else,solid state,tubes,or even dac’s anymore.I could step off that silly merry go round of amplification and just enjoy music.I was able to utilize the extra money and time and put together a really great sounding network audio system that rivaled the best in analog that I have ever had,I was mainly a analog guy all of these yrs but finally gave it up,I even sold my longtime record collection of 3k records which included many Hot Stampers that I purchased and also several that I found on my own.

So who Luv’s the 2170 and is maybe also thinking about the new 3400.

Happy Listening,



excellent thread my Man. How did you and the other guys here find Ellington HiFi, especially, those of you outside Alabama? Tony is a good friend and has a nice room for auditioning gear.

Happy Listening!

Lyngdorf came through and I did receive a brand new display board. Very good of them. Much impressed with their customer service.

Ellington HiFi is listed on the Lyngdorf’s dealer page and was also recommended to me by a couple of long distance Audiogon friends.
I live in Oklahoma but if I’m ever down south I wouldn’t hesitate to visit Tony and listen to some music and I agree he’s one of the very best dealers I’ve ever done business with.


Yes that is some outstanding service,please keep us updated on the fix.

@uberwaltz I've actually received a criticism over my HT room layout because nothing could sound good with speakers near a corner. Mine need to be a foot or so from the rear and side walls to clear the screen. We did a bunch of experimentation with sound panels when we built the house and set-up the HT. We overdid the deadning at first but then feel we got it right with bass traps in each corner and deadening panels on the screen wall. Panels on the first reflection points actually narrowed and diffused the sound stage. I was surprised at that.
I was still convinced I had huge issues from all the feedback despite not hearing any or seeing a problem in RTA testing. But I bought the Lyngdorf thinking it would help solve the problem. It did actually solve the problem by indicating I didn't have one! I don't know why my room works for audio as well as it does. But I'd rather be lucky than good.
I am happy to report my 2170 arrived from Denmark a few days ago. The repair service was flawless. They replaced the glass relays for the volume knob and also installed a brand new display. The display was very much readable, however it did change since I bought it. So I asked if they could check it out and they replaced it. Hassle Free. Lyngdorf pulled through big time.