Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.

Hello All,
I’m coming up on 40 yrs in this hobby,and or obsession of ours,and I started with a pair of Khorns and Macintosh at the age of 12 and Offcourse owned a ton of different gear over the yrs.
I bought a 2170 a little more than 6 months ago and I enjoyed it so much that I quickly realized I don’t really need anything else,solid state,tubes,or even dac’s anymore.I could step off that silly merry go round of amplification and just enjoy music.I was able to utilize the extra money and time and put together a really great sounding network audio system that rivaled the best in analog that I have ever had,I was mainly a analog guy all of these yrs but finally gave it up,I even sold my longtime record collection of 3k records which included many Hot Stampers that I purchased and also several that I found on my own.

So who Luv’s the 2170 and is maybe also thinking about the new 3400.

Happy Listening,

Looking for some thoughts from 2170 owners, particularly those who had previously used tubed components.  I've been using various solid state pre and amp combos forever, but I was looking forward to switching to a tubed preamp and enjoying that as my next big move.  However, I also recognize the significant benefits of room correction so was planning to add something like a DSPeaker unit (or something else) later on.  Thanks to you guys my other option now is to just sell my current amp and pre and buy a 2170.  Is there anything I'd be missing from not having a tubed pre in my system, or is it all a net positive with the 2170?  Also, I have an old Rega Planar 2 I was looking forward to firing up again in the not-too-distant future, so are the benefits of vinyl compromised or even eliminated by running it through the 2170?

I really thought I was zeroing in on my ultimate 2-channel setup, but now I'm a little uncertain all over again so looking forward to any real-world thoughts here.  Thanks, I think. 

As a former 2170 owner and now owning a 3400, I can say after owning it for a month both sonically and feature wise, it is a step forward. You still get the great midrange tone but with improved control of the bottom end (if your speakers are hard to drive). I haven’t even scratched the surface of the enhanced features yet and looking forward to it. My biggest compliment is that I have been waiting to run roomperfect until I have everything dialed in as much as I can...It’s been over a month now and I haven’t even had a desire to run roomperfect yet. It is that enjoyable even without it.
Hello David,

I’m glad you are enjoying your 3400 and Thanks for the update, I’ve been coresponding via email with 4 guys in Europe that are really enjoying their 3400’s as well and they all have replaced 2170’s as well.

Keep us updated as you get your setup dialed in and have more time with it.


If you read @grannyring thoughts above in multiple posts you'll see what he replaced the 2170 with, and how content he is..

Regarding vinyl playback.  I know Uberwaltz is very happy with the performance.  Me on the other hand, that was the one thing that I did not like about the 2170.  Don't get me wrong, it still sounds wonderful, especially running Room Perfect, but there's a certain warmth & edge that I was missing.  I did not use any tube gear previously, but class A/B amps sounded better in my opinion.

75% on my listening is vinyl, so I moved onto something different.  I will say that if digital is your main source, you will be extremely happy with the performance of the 2170.

Tbh it is hard to remember what vinyl sounded like on my McIntosh but I was using its own,built in phono stage so not a fair comparison to where I am now.
Probably25% vinyl playback, I stream most of my music nowadays so for me the ph10 into the 2170 is much more than "good enough" ...lol.

All I can say really is that I have not thought about looking at any other amp since buying the 2170