Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.

Hello All,
I’m coming up on 40 yrs in this hobby,and or obsession of ours,and I started with a pair of Khorns and Macintosh at the age of 12 and Offcourse owned a ton of different gear over the yrs.
I bought a 2170 a little more than 6 months ago and I enjoyed it so much that I quickly realized I don’t really need anything else,solid state,tubes,or even dac’s anymore.I could step off that silly merry go round of amplification and just enjoy music.I was able to utilize the extra money and time and put together a really great sounding network audio system that rivaled the best in analog that I have ever had,I was mainly a analog guy all of these yrs but finally gave it up,I even sold my longtime record collection of 3k records which included many Hot Stampers that I purchased and also several that I found on my own.

So who Luv’s the 2170 and is maybe also thinking about the new 3400.

Happy Listening,


I briefly had a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ and a Musical Fidelity V-90 DAC at the same time as the 2170 (I've owned the 2170 twice, ha), and did do some A/B testing.

Both the DACs above I thought did an excellent job, and sounded wonderful on their own.  I did not like them paired with the 2170 as much as when they were being used with different amps.  The digital inputs on the 2170 always sounded better, IMHO, by a large margin.

I think one of the biggest assets to the 2170, other than Room Perfect, is the way it implements digital processing. In my experience, it's counter-productive to have an outboard DAC and the 2170 at the same time.

I have not heard the Denafrips, and the Mojo I've only listened with headphones, so I can't say for sure how they'd integrate with the 2170, but my best guess would be leas favorable compared to the 2170's own digital processing.


Quality feedback.   Just what I was looking for (as I sit here streaming with no DAC!). Thanks for taking the time to rspond. 


I tried 2 different dac’s into my 2170 in the beginning and I got much better results using the digital inputs on the 2170,as others have stated.
I use usb input from a Sotm ultra renderer that’s hooked up via Ethernet in my local network.To me That’s one of the many pluses of using a 2170 or 3400 is not needing or wanting any other Preamp,Amp,or dac.

I’ve recently been able to borrow a couple of top music servers,Lumin U1 and Aurrender W20 to compare to my highly tweaked computer running server 2016,Roon server,Audiophile optimizer,Fidelizer,and most importantly HQ player,the results were even though both of these servers are quite nice and very easy to use neither one beat the sound I’m already getting from my computer especially with all the tweaks in upsampling and filtering that HQ player have.

If you have more questions give me call sometime,

Thanks for the response Kenny.   I was thinking about adding HQ Player to the mix. I will touch base with you next week to get a better understanding of what it offers. 

What exactly does HQ player do? Is it similar to Audirvana and Amarra? I really dig the sound quality of Amarra but it’s just so damn glitchy. Being on the market for as long as it has you would think they would have got it figured out.