Who Has The Best service department

I gotta tell ya Martin Logan and Pass Labs have the best service department, I lost some allen screws and had a nasty scratch on my X-350 amp,I emailed them, Nelson Pass sent me a new face plate and the allen screws. NO CHARGE!!! Same goes for Martin Logan, Jim Powers is the best, super fast emails and for the part I needed to fix my logans, the price was very very low, no rip offs here. With a service department like that, I will never get rid of Pass or Martin Logans. Who does it for you!!!!
Blue Circle Audio...

Gilbert has been very helpful on numerous occasions.
When ever I have phoned or email Gilbert usually is the one answering.

Top notch customer service....
Good service work does not necessarily go along with high product quality. (It's been noted that the worst hockey teams often have the best goalies). The local Panasonic authorized repair facility did a super job on my plasma display, in about one week, even though they had to order a board from wherever boards come from.