Who has Vanderstein 5 speakers?

What electronics are you using with them? How do they sound? How much did you pay for them? How long have you had them? I heard them a few months ago and I was very impressed. They may be my next speaker.

One of the former "regulars" on this forum, Garfish, has a pair of Vandy 5's that he has written about. You can research his comments in the archives, and I think his system is described in "Virtual Systems".
Hi Scott and KF; the last few months I've kind of become an Audiogon "lurker" and just check the ads daily-- been trying to learn high end digital photography lately; digital camera, software, printer, scanner etc. It's taking a lot of time.

Indeed I do own Vandersteen 5 speakers-- since 10/01. They are truly a great speaker. Bass is the best I've ever heard from any speaker, even those with subs, and the mids and treble are sweet, smooth, and non-fatiguing. Also, these speakers "boogie" with excellent PRaT. And of course they have very "room tunable" bass, and I think they are a very attractive speaker too. If I would have known how good they were when they first came out, I would have figured out a way to buy them sooner, and then built my system around them. I bought mine from my local dealer, that I've dealt with for years, for 20% off MSRP during their annual sale. I got the single ended cross-overs and a standard finish for a total cost of $9200.

You may have checked the rest of my system as Scott advised, but briefly, I've used McCormack amps for years and they are very synergistic with Vand. speakers (I,ve had 2Ces, 3As, and 3Asigs also). I'm presently using a big McCormack DNA2 Revision A, and a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 pre-amp with SE up-grade. Front end is Levinson 37 transport and 360S DAC. I use mid-priced Synergistic Research ICs, speaker cables, and power cords throughout my system, and it's all plugged into a dedicated AC system with Hubbell and Fim 880 outlets. My room is 14 X 22 with 7.5' ceiling, and they "fit" the room very well.

The Vand. 5s don't need much power to drive them though (Vand. recommends 30 to 200 wpc, 8 Ohm), and I very well may soon go to a McCormack DNA.5 Rev. A amp and re-gain some valuable floor space.

I can certainly highly recommend the Vand. 5s-- they will be my last speaker. Good Luck, and Cheers. Craig
The Vandersteen 5 is now a 'class 2' recommendation from TAS--meaning, very very good in their opinion. See the Oct issue.