Who is ditching their shiny disc spinners?

I want to upgrade my digital side … (currently Bluesound Vault 2i feeding the DAC of Oppo 105) … plan to spend around $2k … since I’ve ripped all my CDs to the Vault, thinking of spending it all on a DAC, and retire/sell the Oppo while it still has some value. I do have a few older CDPs I could retain as backup, but not sure why I would ever need.

Alternatively, was considering a better combined CDP/DAC like a newer Marantz or Yamaha … upgrades DAC performance some, and a reliable spinner for quite a few more years … but I have very few SACDs, so feeling like this would be the tail wagging the dog.

In what direction have you been migrating?
No I still love albums, cds, and sacds. It gives me pride of ownership, something tangible. I’ve ripped cds and bought digital files and they don’t seem to sound the same. It’s probably me.  Also I find myself not playing them as often. That being said, my preparations for the future have been to go with a separate transport and DAC. With my McIntosh MCT 500 transport I can also play usb files, just plug in a flash drive loaded with dsd files or whatever. So that make me happy. 
I would keep the Oppo for the few SACDs you own and purchase a dedicated CD transport. I remain in search of a steamer for background music and to discover new music (CDs) to purchase. 
Sounds like you upgraded your system and can hear the difference.  CD? Haven't played one in years.

Look at what CD players are trying to do.  Upsample, refilter, balanced DACs.  Everything to get over the shortcomings of the media. 

If you rip your LPs to 192/24+ your bit perfect jitter free hard drive will make you much happier. 
Well, I guess we’ve settled that 😁

I’m with those here who use streaming as a discovery tool, not for critical listening. Might change for me with a better DAC. Just not convinced a new spinner will have an onboard DAC as good as I can get stand-alone. Maybe I do that and hang onto the Oppo for a transport. 
I’m also with those here who like their physical media. More LP than CD … album art, liner notes, etc just SOOO much better (and easier on old eyes) 😁. But still …

sigh …
Bought an ancient Sony cd player for $20 and a Topping DAC for $150….sound quality is absolutely stellar. Don’t make it complicated kids!